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Roller Doors

Superior Australian technology

Roller master Manufacture Roller Doors using Australian technology And raw  materials and also it’s complies with international standards

Low Maintenance

Roller Master Roller Doors uses a hardwearing nylon gear mechanism Which will ensure Long Life with Limited maintenance and no Lubrication required

Quite Operation

As the drive unit is housed entirely within the door roll, noise emissions  Are substantially reduced, resulting in Quite and smooth performance

Simple Push Button

Either by hand held transmitter or wall mounted push button. The unique Rolling code circuitry ensure fail-safe security and eliminates the risk of another hand set using the same code

Low voltage

The Wall mounted control box if insulated and approved. The operative Voltage is safe Low 24 Volts (A3 pin 240V power point is required

Manual Conversion

In the event of power failure simply moving one switch allows you to use the door manually

Safety Reverse

The roller door automatically reverses should the downward movement of the door be restricted

Back up Power (Optional)

A Well mounted Uninterruptible Power Supply will allow you to operate your Door in the case of power failure
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